Christine Fowler

Christine Fowler has been a practising clinical midwife for over 35 years. Having completed her nursing certificate in 1982 at the old Canberra Hospital, Chris headed over to the UK where she completed her Midwifery Certificate at Poole General Hospital in Dorset.

Chris has worked at the Canberra Hospital/Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, since 1991. Her midwifery career interests include continuity of care, homebirth, childbirth education and digital health care. She completed a Master’s degree in 2001.

During her career Chris has worked in most areas of maternity practice – working as a Clinical Midwifery Manager for the past 13 years. Her current position is the Clinical Midwife Manager of the Continuity Program – which provides care for 30% of the women birthing at CHWC – including a publicly funded homebirth service.

Chris is also an endorsed midwife and a board-certified Lactation Consultant – with a private practice established in 2015.

Over the past few years Chris has become heavily involved in researching her family history – recently looking into the history of her mother’s first birth, when sent to a Sydney convent home as an unwed teenager in the 1950’s. She gave her son up for adoption, as did many other young women. Her uncle’s first born was also given for adoption.

While a recent addition to the ACM history project, Chris is excited to work with this team who have already completed so much fantastic and valuable work. As others have stated, the history of birthing women and midwifery care in Australia is so important to seeing where we came from and where we need to go.