Dr Clare Davison

Clare is a privately practising midwife and midwifery lecturer from Perth, Western Australia. She has a keen interest in the history of birth and midwifery. Clare is passionate about the frequently untold history of women and this led her to complete her PhD looking at the history of midwifery. Until the early twentieth century birth in Australia was generally at home with a midwife in attendance. The decline of midwifery as an independent profession began in the early twentieth century as nursing and medicine began to encroach on traditional midwifery practice. Midwives as independent practitioners became almost non-existent. These issues are explored further in an article published in the British Journal of Midwifery and in Clare’s PhD.

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Davison, C. (2019). Looking Back and Moving Forward: A History and Discussion of Privately Practising Midwives in Western Australia [Doctoral Thesis], Curtin University, Perth WA. https://espace.curtin.edu.au/handle/20.500.11937/77506

The aim of this historical narrative research study was to fill a gap in the literature by investigating, analysing and describing the history of privately practising midwives in Western Australia (WA) from colonisation to the present day (approximately 1830-2018).

Clare has kindly given the Australian Midwifery History site permission to make her PhD thesis available here electronically.

Davison, C., McKenzie, B., & Hauck, Y. (2021). Looking back moving forward: The history of midwifery in Western Australia. Women and Birth, In Press, corrected proof, 1 November 2021.

To date there is has been very little research into midwifery in Western Australia (WA), therefore this paper addresses a significant gap in the literature. The aim of this paper was to gain insight into the history of midwifery in WA… The historical suppression of midwifery in Australia has impacted the understanding of the role of the midwife in the contemporary setting. Understanding the development and evolution of the midwifery profession in Australia can help future directions of the profession.

Davison, C. (2020). Feminism, Midwifery and the Medicalisation of Birth. British Journal of Midwifery,  28(12).

Dr Clare Davison examines the perception of women and midwifery through the ages.

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