Elizabeth Wood

Since graduating as a midwife in 1972, much of my life has revolved around midwifery as an experienced midwifery clinician, administrator, educator and activist. Although retired from active practice, I am now very excited to be able to contribute to ACM’s story.

I recall being present at the signing of documents that established us as Australia’s National Midwives Association. This subsequently enabled us to join the International Confederation of Midwives. Both Margaret Peters and Pam Hayes were early role models for me and watching these courageous, determined women speak up and speak out for women and midwives showed me the way.

I have lead a fortunate life in midwifery in Australia and overseas, including working for the World Health Organisation as a consultant and advisor. For many years I have been the ACM South Australia’s delegate to the National Council of Women SA. I am at present a member of their Executive Committee and Convener of their History Group. I continue to be actively involved in the College and in campaigning on many levels for changes to maternity services that benefit women and their families. And so the work continues…