Cynthia Turnbull – President ACMI 1987 – 1991

Highlights as reported in the ACMI Journal in June 1988

· The need for improved communication and accuracy of documentation was emphasized at a conference in Adelaide, looking at ways of reducing negligence claims within obstetric and midwifery practice.

· Improved communication and accuracy of documentation were seen as key.

· The ACMI Executive has been meeting nationally with the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RACOG) in an effort to improve communication between obstetricians and midwives and it was hoped that the positive effects would flow through to State Branches.

· ACMI was asked by RACOG to participate in developing a questionnaire aimed at what was happening in the workplace between obstetricians and midwives. The outcome of which will form the basis of an education program for obstetricians.

· Midwives were urged to participate if randomly selected.

· A call made by 2 midwives in Sydney, for a Commission into institutionalized acts of assault against women in childbirth highlighted the need to address a number of issues in the provision of maternity care. Most importantly asking and involving women in decisions about their care.

· ACM membership was over 2,500 members in 1988.

· A document titled, “Standards for the Practice of Midwifery” was developed and was made available to members, in June 1988.


Highlights as reported in the ACMI Biennial Report 1989-1991

· ACMI office opened in Melbourne in April 1991

· Lorraine Wilson appointed as National Coodinator with plans to employ secretarial assistance as workload increases.

· National Publicity officer employed to enable more timely responses to National media

· Developing a cohesive publicity network between the States is proving difficult.

· Membership increased by 20% in twelve months to 3,000

· Documents now published

*Constitution and Bylaws

*Position Statements


*Accreditation Guidelines

*ACT has published multi-cultural information pamphlets on ACMI & the Scholarship Foundation

· Planning an open forum for members at the Biennial Conference

· Standard of the Journal is high and improving with each edition

· Essential to develop a national data base of members & seek clarity of national and branch roles

· Regular meetings with RACOG & RACGP, culminating in a discussion document on models of care for the national forum ‘Birth 2000′.

· Direct Entry Education is now supported in birthing services reviews and have heard of concrete plans in Victoria to implement this proposal

· 8 AMSF Scholarships awarded

· ACMI is supporting the printing of an ‘Issues in Midwifery’ book, with Lesley Barclay as the Editor

· Accreditation of Independently Practicing Midwives continues.

· Recently participated in ICM Council meeting & the Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Hong Kong and had representation at the New Zealand Conference,

· ACMI hosting next Asia Pacific Conference in Melbourne in March 1992

· ACMI successfully supported Margaret Peter’s nomination for ICM Director.Reviews of the Nurses Acts in NSW and WA have emphasized extreme vigilance. Erosion of the role of the midwife is underway but still time to influence the outcome in WA.

· 50 midwives accredited in the last year.