Mavis Gaff-Smith

Mavis is a passionate and prolific recorder of the stories of early midwives and childbirth in the regions adjoining her home in the Riverina.

Her books include: Midwives of the Black Soil Plains (2003); Riverina Midwives: From the Mountains to the Plains (2004); Midwife on a Mission (2008); No Births on Monday (2010); Midwifery at Crow City (2014); Midwives and Rabbit Snatchers (2016) and Midwives and Paddle Steamers: Early Midwives Along the Murray River from the Alps to the Ocean (2017).

Mavis has a PhD in midwifery, and at 74 she still works part-time as a midwife in her local hospital.

She donates the proceeds of her books to charitable causes, and is a generous supporter of the Rhodanthe Lipsett Indigenous Midwifery Charitable Fund.

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