Meet Our Team

The Australian College of Midwives invites you to meet our Midwifery History Project Group.

These midwives have volunteered their time, knowledge, skills, and research to bring you this journey into our rich professional history.

Assoc Professor Christine Catling (Chair)
Assoc Professor Christine Catling (Chair) NSW
Sara Bayes
Sara BayesVIC
Emeritus Professor Lesley Barclay
Emeritus Professor Lesley Barclay NSW
Janice Butt
Janice Butt WA
Christine Cornwell
Christine Cornwell SA
Helen Coxhead
Helen CoxheadNth Old
Dr Clare Davison
Dr Clare DavisonWA
Lorraine Doyle
Lorraine Doyle NSW
Marijke Eastaugh
Marijke Eastaugh SA
Jessica Ecenarro
Jessica EcenarroNT
Christine Fowler
Christine Fowler ACT
Ann Grieve
Ann Grieve NSW
Rebecca Hart
Rebecca Hart VIC
Professor Nicky Leap
Professor Nicky Leap NSW
Pamela Mulholland
Pamela Mulholland NSW
Dr Karen Yates
Dr Karen YatesQLD
Coming soon!
Coming soon!TAS