Our object collection includes art, artefacts, books, photographs, specimens, and more: we are still uploading the full collection to the online portal eHive! Collection objects may be held by the Australian College of Midwives in the Pam Hayes Midwifery Archive collection, or may be held privately by our members and shared virtually.

In 2023, we will be inviting ACM Members and the public to contribute objects to our digital collection… if you have an object to share, please contact us.

10 highlights from the Pam Hayes Midwifery Archive Object Collection

There’s still so much more to explore in the eHive Online Object Collection!

eHive is web-based collection management system used worldwide by hundreds of cultural institutions, clubs and societies, museums, universities and private collectors. eHive can be accessed from any computer or device running a web browser, including PCs, Mac and mobiles.