Caroline Weaver – President ACMI 1997 – 1999

Caroline Weaver reported the following in the Executive Committee Report 1997-1999,

· Strategic Plan was developed in 1997 as the framework for the work during this time.

· Promotional activities especially around International Midwives Day have been developed.

· Media coverage increased around IMD and with articles in State & national newspapers.

· Membership has had some growth to around 4,000 members.

· Censor Board reviewing processes of awarding Fellowship. Currently 86 Fellows.

· Web site established

· ACMI Competency Standards for midwives published in July ’97 and now endorsed by regulatory body in Tasmania, NT and SA. Other states want validation data from the Project team. They are also used Education programs across Australia.

· A credentialing process developed & with further work to be communicated to members

· Independently Practicing Midwives (IPM) Accreditation process continues with now 100 IPM’s accredited. The ACMI process was the topic of a presentation at a National Credentialing Forum in 1998.

· At an Education forum in Sept 1998 the direct entry midwifery programs were hot on the agenda, with some progress toward introducing programs in some universities. ACMI members have been active members of curriculum review panels.

· Collaborating partner in AMAP project led by Lesley Barclay

· Active collaboration with consumers through participation in the Consumer Focus Collaboration Forum sponsored by the Federal Government.

· Partnership with ACHS &Quality Improvement Council re Maternal & infant Care Services Standards now used in hospital & community service accreditation, incorporated core BFHI philosophy

· BFHI continues to grow 18 hospitals now accredited and integration of the philosophy into several State Health Departments Policy Statements.

· Active representation on Professional Reference Group ANCI, Presidents of Nursing& Midwifery Colleges Forum & National Nursing Organisations Forum

· Distance learning program with Southern Cross University continue & are being reviewed

· Midwifery Re-entry program in Victoria with over 90 completions. Negotiating with Registration Boards in other States regarding endorsing the program.

· Education providers actively seeking ACMI Professional Development Credit Points & the program has been reviewed to ensure equity.

· Education forum held Sept 1998 discussed Direct Entry, Regulation, Standards, Access to clinical placements & access to Midwifery models of care

· AMSF sponsored an Aboriginal midwife from Kununurra WA, to attend ICM Congress in Manila to present a paper describing her experiences of birth practices in an Australian Aboriginal community

· Code of Ethics for Midwives was endorsed & widely circulated

· Code of Practice for Midwives endorsed in Victoria (reviewed Feb ’99) & Tasmania. The National ACMI Code still being developed and nearing completion.

· Attendance at International Regulatory Authority meetings continued over the last 2 years, where primary focus was professional standards and mutual recognition

· Office moved to new premises in Melbourne in Dec 1997 & new accounting system was introduced in May 1998.

· Jill Thompson wrote a position paper re future location of the National office which was published in the Journal for members to express their views.

· Review of Constitution commenced

· Vote at General meeting in Canberra to progress toward centralized subscription State Treasurers to meet to discuss how this process would develop.

International Affairs

· ACMI was successful in gaining AUSAID funding for 9 midwives, from the Asia/Pacific region, to attend the ICM mid triennial meeting in New Dehli, India in Feb 1998.

· Representation of the Asia/Pacific Region on ICM became the responsibility of New Zealand & Japan in June 1999.

· In 1999 the 25th ICM Triennial Congress was held in Manila. Ann Grieve & Chin Wong represented ACMI on Council.

· Joyce Thompson (USA) elected as the new Director & Judi Brown (ACMI) as Deputy Director.

· Next 26th ICM in Vienna in 2002

· Australia successful in bid for 27th ICM congress in Brisbane. Caroline Weaver appointed President ICM.

· ACMI Executive members present agreed to purchase 4 tickets for midwives from PNG to attend the ICM Congress in Brisbane. After discussion with Asia Pacific regional member associations, funds came from Asia/Pacific und.

· At the Manila Congress, the great respect and appreciation that was demonstrated to Margaret Peters, OAM, ACMI Distinguished Fellow, as the retiring Director of the Board of Management of ICM, after nine years in office, was a very moving occasion and a source of great pride for the Australian contingent.