Judith-Marie (Judi) Brown Distinguished Fellow – President ACMI 1991 – 1995

My initial report as the SA delegate highlighted the sheer hard work undertaken during these 3-day National Executive meetings of the College and the organization and dissemination of information before and after when combined with full time work and family was a daunting task for many.

President ACMI – June 1991 – September 1995 (2 terms)

· South Australian delegate to ACMI – June 1989 – June 1991, prior to election as President.

· In 1991 Revolution in women’s health in Australia was evident – midwives were challenged to break new ground and examine, define and practise the role of the Midwife to the fullest extent.Established publicity officers in each state to promote midwifery.

· National Journal grew in content and recognition with appointment of honorary editors in 1995.

· Consultation between ACMI, RACOG and RACGP formalised with progressives from each group meeting regularly as NH&MRC Joint Committee on Maternity services. Chaired the committee for 2 years 94-96.

· Established the Office of the Registrar (Registrar Judi Brown) for Accreditation of Independently Practicing Midwives to provide a standard of care for consumers and support and recognition for independently practising midwives. More than 50 IDM’s were accredited in 1991.

· Lobbying for funding or alternate birthing models e.g., shared clinics, partnerships and birthing units, continuity of care was gaining success at the highest levels including meetings with supportive Federal ministers.

· National headquarters moved to Melbourne in 1991 and position of National Co-ordinator and a National Research Officer established. Over the next few years research officer positions were established in each state.

· 5yr plan for the College developed by the National Executive.

· Gained Federal Government grant for Distance Learning packages for midwives and part time National Education Officer position established.

· Lobbying was ongoing for representation/partnership and a midwifery voice on the Australian Nursing Council. Resistance was fierce.

· Work began on midwifery competencies with ANC support and national midwifery competencies workshops held across Australia.

· Formed the Financial Advisory Committee and the first ever ACMI Business Plan – 94 – 96 developed and the Committee provided advice on the management and investments of the ACMI Scholarship Foundation.

· Developed Fellowship category for the College. Inaugural fellows were inducted in 1995 at Biennial National Conference in September 1995.

· National Midwifery Education Conferences established.

· Professional Indemnity reports were being reviewed with a view to implement the recommendations in each state.

· Development and implementation of professional development points was commenced in early 1995.

· Represented the ICM at WHO meeting in India and Bangkok and was the Asia Pacific regional representative to the ICM Board of Management 1993 -1999.

Prepared by Judi Brown November 2021