New midwife profiles have been added to the site:

Janet McTavish 1774-1858 , Hobart VDL

Granny Elizabeth Adams 1808-1891, Fremantle WA

Catherine McAnulty 1835-1895, Glebe NSW

Mary Wilson 1847-1941., Fremantle WA


We are so excited to share stories that descendants of these women have shared with us: Special thanks to Neil Bradley, the g-g-g-grandson of Granny Adams, for sharing her ripping story, and to Mary Wilson’s g-g-granddaughter Yvonne Lawrence for working with us to capture her history.  

Thanks also to author Leslie Potter, who has shared some of her extensive research in profiles of Janet McTavish and Catherine McAnulty. Leslie is a member of our Honorary Advisors group – just one of the many hats she wears!

It doesn’t matter if we only know a little about these women or if we know a lot – the important thing is to capture their midwifery story and share it, so that their work is acknowledged and remembered.

New stories are always welcome… please contact us here :)